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Announcement Example

Location based announcement

How long the announcement is active

How many time the announcement will display

Announcement Radius
How many miles beyond your location

External URL in Announcement
Users will be able to click a button and visit your website

Event Reminder with 24 Hours of Event
A good way to get last minute guests

Your Email Address

Tell us about your business, event, or organization

GROWLr Event


GROWLR’s SHOUT! feature is our most convenient and economical method of advertising, and will allow you to reach 100% of your targeted audience.

A SHOUT! is a message that is sent directly from your account to all of the active GROWLR users in any geographic area in the world. You may choose from 5, 10, or 20 mile radiuses from your selected location.

A SHOUT! can be purchased directly from within the app by any user. Just open GROWLR from your mobile device and click on the SHOUT! button. Enter the location, radius, and message, and GROWLR will tell you exactly how many members your SHOUT! will reach before you decide to purchase. Prices range from $5.00 to $20.00 USD depending on coverage area.

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For more information please contact our Sales team at Thank You.